Model BA-OHM
Portable Oil Heating System

This module consists of a high-quality oil-circulating pump, in the flow rate of your choice and a bank of low watt-density heaters in the capacity of your choice. All heater and pump controls are included, as well as system safety devices and alarms.


These economical Baron units are compact, light and portable systems for the assisted heat up of transformers being dried in the field. They can be used to preheat or boost heat by hot oil circulation prior to or during processing with a Baron oil purification trailer.

Systems are available with:

  • A wide variety of circulating pump sizes
  • A wide range of heater sizes
  • Optional particulate filtration
  • Vacuum systems for pumping vacuum on the apparatus during heat up

Standard Features

  • Heavy-duty, positive-displacement, direct-driven oil pump with relief valve
  • Low watt-density heaters designed for efficient heat transfer while protecting oil from scorching. Heaters are controlled automatically to maintain the desired setpoint by a solid state temperature and step-control system
  • Inlet suction strainer to protect the oil pump from the ingress of large particles
  • System pressure gauge
  • Rate of flow indicator
  • Inlet and outlet isolation valves
  • Inlet and outlet camlock couplers with dust caps

Electrical Requirements

All systems are available in every standard three-phase voltage up to 600 V in either 50 or 60 Hz. Specify desired voltage at time of inquiry.


A full range of accessories is available for these systems, including:

  • ASME code design (labeling available upon request) filter housing for particulate removal in the oil circulation loop. This filter uses industry standard 6" x 18" pleated paper 0.5 micron elements and is sized according to the desired flow rate.
  • Cuno Zeta Plus filter housing and elements
  • Totalizing meter
  • Oil and vacuum hoses
  • Weatherproof housing
  • Open-type or van-style trailer

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