BA-HV-HT Series
Rolling Oil Distillation & Recovery

The Baron Model BA-HV-HT series is a line of complete systems for the vacuum distillation and recovery of fluids used in aluminum rolling oil processes and vapor phase transformer drying. Maintaining oil quality and processing tubes with a Baron system helps increase oil life, improves equipment performance and reduces product staining. In the case of vapor phase oils, redistillation prevents boiling temperature drift.

Product Overview

The Model BA-HV-HT Baron is a complete processing system. The system is typically provided with dual inlet filters for removal of particulate and free water. The filters have an automatic switchover to allow uninterrupted processing during element changes. Fluid to be processed then enters the distillation loop, where its temperature is raised and it is exposed to vacuum. Pure product evaporates under vacuum and is removed for recondensation and collection as liquid.

Pure oil collects in a tank until there is sufficient recovered product, at which time it is pumped from the unit to clean oil storage. Tramp oils and bottoms that accumulate during the distillation process are similarly accumulated and pumped out in batches.

The unit is designed for simple and convenient operation through a touch screen operator interface terminal (OIT). A single button on the OIT starts and stops the system. Built-in safety devices monitor system operation and automatically stop the unit if operating conditions become abnormal. This allows operation with a minimum of operator involvement.

Available functions include:

  • High-vacuum degasification, dehydration, filtration and vacuum distillation and separation of product from tramp oils and greases
  • Typical recovery rates of over 95% of the original product is possible, as well as a high percentage of additive recovery
  • Single-cut product separations or multiple product cut separations are available
  • Systems with reusable product recovery rates of 30, 60, 100, 150 and 200 USGPH are available

Standard Features

  • Heavy-duty, positive-displacement pumps selected specifically for the application
  • Quick-opening filter housings that accepts industry standard 6" x 18" filter cartridges. The housings come equipped with water absorbing particulate filter elements. The filter housings are equipped with automatic air release valves, drain valves and differential pressure gauges and switches. The initial filter elements are pre-installed.
  • High-vacuum pump and booster combination
  • Vacuum chamber for spreading of the oil into a thin film and exposure to vacuum. The unit is equipped with automatic level control and backup safety switches to stop the system in the event of incorrect operating levels. A large viewing window allows visual observation of the process.
  • Water-cooled, high-capacity condensing system with stainless steel wetted parts on the cooling water side
  • Condensate collection tank with and automatic pump-out
  • Special refrigerated interstage condenser to minimize ingression of rolling oil vapors into the vacuum pump
  • Low watt-density oil heating system
  • Inlet and outlet isolation valves
  • Flow totalizing meters to measure influent oil, recovered oil and cooling water usage
  • Processed oil sampling valve
  • Nema 12 central control panel with graphic flow diagram, programmable logic controller, touch screen operator interface terminal, controls and indicators
  • Operating and maintenance manual on CD-Rom


  • A variety of recovery rates
  • Multiple product cuts
  • Settling tank for incoming product. This is recommended in applications where the incoming oil is expected to have relatively high water content (free water). The tank comes with automatic level control and has a floating suction to draw driest oil from the surface. Free water is drained from the bottom either manually or an automatic system can be provided.
  • Receiving tanks are available for the recovered and tramp oil products
  • Automatic condensate drain for the interstage condenser
  • Chart recording of operating parameters such as temperatures, vacuum levels and gallons processed. Optional features available include the ability to accumulate the data to removable disk to take and import into databases or spreadsheet software.
  • Many others available upon request, including special PLCs, dedicated motor control centers and more

Electrical System

The Model BA-HV-HT systems typically come equipped with a Nema 12 central control box with the following features:

  • Touch screen operator interface terminal
  • Preprogrammed logic controller that controls all automatic functions of the system
  • Electronic vacuum gauge
  • Motor starters with instantaneous-trip short circuit and thermal overload protection
  • Hour meter to log system operation and maintenance as a function of operating time
  • Graphic flow diagram with lights to provide at-a-glance indication component operation

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