Vapor Phase Vacuum Chamber Systems

We design and manufacture custom-designed vapor phase drying systems for power transformers throughout the world. The Vapor Phase Drying method depends on the latent heat of the heat transfer medium to rapidly and evenly increase the temperature of the core-and-coil assembly so that the moisture in the insulation can be converted to water vapor and removed by the vacuum system. The greatest advantages of the Vapor Phase over the other methods of transformer dryout includes the speed of the process and near perfect control of the temperature during the process. As the condensing vapors do not discriminate between cold metal and cold dielectric materials, this method provides fast and uniform heating at the predetermined temperature level without risk of local overheating and thermal degradation of the cellulose structure. In the absence of oxygen, some manufacturers use high process temperatures, near 250 degree Fahrenheit, without degradation of paper. 

This process is sometimes called Vapour Phase, or vaporphase being one word. Baron USA has been manufacturing these systems for the entirety of our business, over 40 years. 

Baron USA has a white paper available to those interested in learning in more detail. Please email us to request your copy. 

Possible Arrangements:

  • Single- or multiple-vacuum chambers
  • Manual or powered doors
  • Vertical or horizontal opening doors
  • Top or end loading
  • Powered chamber loading and unloading systems
  • Solvent boiler and recovery systems
  • High-vacuum transformer oil purification and storage systems
  • Vacuum storage of oil prior to impregnation
  • Solvent storage and redistillation system to preserve vapor characteristics
  • High-vacuum systems for vacuum dry-out of electrical apparatus and impregnation under vacuum
  • Fuller's earth systems
  • Electric, gas or steam heating system
  • Fully automatic control systems utilizing the latest in computer technology
  • Data acquisition and historical trending

Vacuum Fill & Impregnation

We design and manufacture a wide range of large and small vacuum chamber systems and support systems for batch processing and vacuum filling of large and small capacitors, transformers, bushings and other devices.

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