Designed to remove moisture from the oil and from the active parts of Energized Transformers    

The Baron AUTOS system operates unattended on-line with the transformer energized. The Baron system removes moisture from the transformer oil using vacuum dehydration and the removed moisture is vented to the atmosphere. Gasses are reduced by vacuum and exhausted to the atmosphere. It is important to note that the fault gas ratio is not disturbed so DGA can still be used to diagnose the state of the transformer. These systems are extremely affected in situation where a gassing transformer must remain in service until an outage can be scheduled. The AUTOS unit typically maintains the gas levels below critical levels so the transformer can be operated. There are safeguards and interlocks that protect the transformer and alert substation personnel with the substation SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems) system if there are any issues. The system can also be set up with remote cell phone dial out of remote data monitoring via the internet. The system has a 0.5 micron particulate filter and can have a fullers earth filter as well. A hydrometer monitors the moisture removal from the oil.

Purification of Insulating Liquids

System flow rates include 75, 150, 300, or 600 gallons per hour. The nominal flow rate of any system is adjustable from 0 - 100 percent of the rated flow by simply adjusting the outlet valve. The system automatically internally returns any excess flow to the inlet of the system (automatic re-circulation, single valve operation). Typical operating oil pressure is up to 45 PSIG at the discharge of the system. Operating temperature typically ranges from 40-110 degrees Fahrenheit. The vacuum level in the vacuum chamber during normal operation ranges from 5 torr to

For piping, threaded connections are eliminated except for component removal where flanged components are not available. All ball valves have stainless steel balls with teflon seals. The entire system is mounted on a reinforced structural steel base with integral drip pan to collect any oil that may be accidentally spilt during filter element or vacuum pump fluid change-out. 

For mobility purposes, it is mounted in a fully enclosed trailer with under trailer air inlets for optional forced air cooling system. It comes complete with 40' inlet and outlet oil hoses, 50' power cable, and operating and maintenance manual on a CD so that you can print off as many copies as needed. 

As a standard component on any Baron is our Control System. It is a fully programmed digital logic controller operated from a touch screen graphical interface provides complete system control. The operator has the option of starting or stopping the system with the touch of a single button. Simple, easy to use touch buttons allow the operator to over-ride the automatic programming at any time for maintenance purposes, such as changing vacuum pump oil, and return the system to fully automated operation while the system is in operation. 

Safety Features

We have multiple safety features built in to every AUTOs system manufactured. Fail-closed air-operated valves, also called Fail Safe Valves at the transformer connection close on loss of system power or abnormal operating condition. Our Pressure Sensor monitors the transformer oil return connection. In the vacuum chamber, the Level Switches detect abnormal oil levels and the Leak Sensor will detect any leaks within the system. Dry Alarm Contacts connects to transformer monitoring or alarm system. 


Typical performance in a single pass through the BA-AUTOS oil system is as follows:

  • Water removal: from 100 PPM down to less than 10 PPM or from 50 PPM down to less than 5 PPM at oil temperatures from 25 - 50oC (75 - 120 oF) as measured by ASTM Method D-1533.

  • Gas removal: from fully saturated with air (10 - 12% by volume) down to less than 1⁄4% by volume as measured by ASTM Method D-2945.

  • Particulate matter removal: 99% of particles over 3 microns and 90% of particles over 0.5 microns to insure dielectric breakdown value in excess of 50 kV as measured by ASTM Method D-877 and 40 kV by ASTM Method D-1816 (VDE Cup 2 mm gap).

  • Acidity correction: with the addition of the optional fullers earth filters, the neutralization number from 0.3 down to 0.05 mg KOH/gm oil as measured by ASTM D-974. 

Optional Items

  • Control System Upgrade: to Windows CE based system that includes a transformer dry out estimator (requires Hygrometer option) and data logger for tracking actual system operation during processing for verification. The dry out estimator is an on-screen system that allows the operator to enter the number of gallons of oil in the transformer and then they system will gather moisture information from the probe and calculate dryout time. This information is updated at pre-set time interval. Oil PPMw and temperature are also recorded and displayed. The data is stored on a removable flash card and the data can be viewed on any computer using a spreadsheet program
  • Hygrometer: To indicate the moisture content of the oil
  • Vacuum Pump Oil Level Sensor 
  • Vacuum Pump High Temperature Alarm 
  • System Status Tower Light: Provides visual indication of system status with white, green, amber, and red lights
  • Totalizing Meter and Flow Rate Meter
  • UPS: For control power
  • Oil Trap with Drip Leg: (installed upstream of vacuum pump) 
  • Fullers Earth Filter: BA-F2 dual-element housing (installed upstream of the outlet filter) by-passable, holds two (2) 50615 fullers earth elements containing approximately 11 pounds of fullers earth each
  • Outlet Heater: To allow operation on de-energized transformers or tanked stored oil. 

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