X-Ray / CT Scan Tube Oil Processing

The Baron BA-TPS systems are for the processing and filling of new and refilled high-power tubes such as those for X-ray, CT scan machines and other medical applications requiring that the dielectric strength of the oil be as high as possible. Baron BA-TPS models are compact, quiet systems that are typically installed in a cabinet. The only interfaces required to run the unit are electrical power and an oil hose from the oil source as well as hose interfaces to and from the tube(s) to be processed.

Three flow rates are available: 75, 150, and 300 USgph. Considerations when making this selection include: 

  • The amount of oil that is recirculated inside the processor, multi-asses and held in reserve inside the unit for the filling process. In general, it is desirable for this oil reserve to be well in excess of what is required to fill your device. 
  • Number of devices being flushed/filled. 


Oil-filled components for X-ray, CT scan and other medical applications require that the dielectric strength of the oil be as high as possible. Even when stored in drums, dielectric oil will absorb air and moisture up to its saturation point when exposed to the air.

This moisture and air is sufficient to lower the dielectric strength of brand new oil to below acceptable levels.
Furthermore, improperly or inadequately processed oil and/or improper device filling techniques can cause trapped air bubbles in the device to lead to failures. 

The Baron Advantage

Baron TPS (Tube Processing Systems) utilize all of the design features used in hundreds of dielectric oil purifiers that Baron has shipped worldwide since 1975.

This ensures that your dielectric fluid has the highest dielectric properties possible prior to filling your device.

Baron has years of experience with the techniques needed to properly process and fill your device so that those dielectric properties are not degraded and time is not wasted. 

This winning combination provides a superior end result resulting in a reduction of product failure and increased performance and life. 

These systems are available with programmable cycles to check your device for vacuum integrity (bottom end and leak-up), plus regulated, monitored flush and fill sequences. 

Typical System Description

Designed to Process: Electrical insulating fluids for the removal of particulate, moisture, and dissolved gases.

Flow Rate: 75, 150 or 300 USgph. The flow rate is adjustable from 0 to 100 percent of the rated flow.

Typical Operating Temperature: 80 – 120 degree F.

Typical Process Vacuum: 5 Torr to less than 0.05 Torr (50 microns).

Particulate Filtration: 0.5 micron final filter.

Filter housings are designed to accept industry standard 6” x 18” pleated filter elements readily available from BARON or from most other major filter manufacturers.

Piping: All steel piping system insures years of leak-free service. Threaded connections are eliminated except for where component removal requires it. All ball valves have stainless steel balls with teflon seals.

Base: The entire system is mounted on a reinforced structural steel base with integral drip pan to collect drips or spills.

Documentation: Operating and maintenance manual are provided on CDRom so that users can make printed copies as needed. 

Electrical System

Baron BA-TPS systems come equipped with a NEMA 12 central control box with the following features:

  • Touch screen operator interface terminal
  • Preprogrammed logic controller which controls all automatic functions of the system
  • Electronic vacuum gauge
  • Motor starters with instantaneous-trip short circuit and thermal overload protection
  • Hour meter to log system operation and maintenance as a function of operating time
  • Graphic flow diagram with lights to provide at-a-glance indication of component operation

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