Achieving Dielectric Strength

Baron USA designs the most durable, most effective system to achieve the best dielectric strength inside your transformers. Each unit is custom designed for your specifications, built with quality components and ease of use with the operator in mind.  

Purification of Electrical Insulating Liquids

It is important to start initially at the factory with a dry insulation system and pure, dry and degasified dielectric liquid during transformer impregnation and the qualification tests. Later, the same care must be taken during installation in the field and after every maintenance check, requiring exposure of the insulating system to the environment.

The BA process, developed by Baron USA, upgrades new insulating liquids and reclaims used dielectric oils through filtration, vacuum dehydration, degasification and clay treatment (when necessary). BA Systems include filters with a 0.5-1.0 micron nominal filtration rating for the removal of particulate. If excessive free water is present in oil, a Baron type VCS free water trap is used prior to vacuum dehydration. The BA High Vacuum Process then removes dissolved water, free and absorbed air and other gases. BA Fuller’s Earth Filters provide corrective treatment for removal of the products of oxidation, dissolved varnish and gums and other traces of chemical contaminants.

BA Systems with High Vacuum Pumps provide fast and complete transformer dry-out and fill with clean, dry and hot oil under vacuum conditions.

BA Interstage Oil Condensers provide a continuous system for removal of light-end oils for vacuum system protection during transformer dry-out processes.

Standard Features

  • Inlet Strainer

  •  Flow Sight

  •  Inlet Pump, positive displacement type, c/w drive and motor, TEFC type

  •  Electric Heater, low-watt density

  •  Thermostat & Over-temperature Controls

  •  Flow Switch

  •  Inlet Filter

  •  Vacuum Degasifier Chamber

  •  Discharge Pump, c/w drive and TEFC motor

  •  Final Filter, 0.5 micrometers nominal rating

  •  Oil Trap

  •  Mechanical Vacuum Pump, oil sealed, air-cooled, c/w drive and TEFC motor

  •  Oil Mist Eliminator

  •  TEFC Vacuum Booster, Rootstype, c/wmotor and controls 


  1. Water removal: from 100 PPM down to less than 10 PPM or from 50 PPM down to less than 5 PPM at oil temperatures from 25 – 50 Degrees C (77 – 122 Degrees F) as measured by ASTM method D-1533 and Panametrics hygrometer.

  2. Gas removal: from fully saturated with air (10 – 12% by volume) down to less than 1⁄4% by volume as measured by ASTM method D-2945.

  3. Particulate matter removal: 99% of particles over 3 micrometers and 90% particles over 0.5 micrometers to insure dielectric breakdown value in excess of 40 kV as measured by ASTM method D-877, and 50 kV by ASTM method D-1816 (VDE cup 2mm gap).

  4. Acidity correction: with addition of the optional BA-CL fullers earth filters, the neutralization from 0.3 down to 0.05 mg KOH/g oil, as measured by ASTM method D-974.

NOTE: Larger units and custom-designed systems are available upon request. Sizes: up to 12,000 GPH for mobile units and 20,000 GPH for stationary systems. 

Optional Features

  • Oil Booster Pump for hot oil spray
  • Interstage Chilled Trap, w/e Condensate Tank, air-cooled refrigeration unit and controls
  • Flow Meter, electronic or P.D. type
  • Flow Rate Indicator
  • Continuous Moisture-in-Oil Monitor and Alarm with or without a recorder
  • Bypass Arrangement for Clay Filters (Fuller’s Earth) 
  • Fuller’s Earth Filters, bulk type
  • Inhibitor Injection System
  • Outlet Heater Option
  • One Button Start/Stop Option 

Auxiliary Equipment

  • Roadworthy trailers including open flat-beds, tarped- sided, van-style and semi-trailers.
  • Trailer lighting, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, laboratory space, furnishings, storage tanks etc.
  • Storage and live reels for hoses.
  • Oil and vacuum hoses with quick-couplings and dust caps. 
  • Fullers earth filters, bulk-type, hydraulically operated. 
  • Diesel generator power for self-powered operation.
  • Oil storage tanks and tool / storage bins and belly boxes.
  • Wide variety of instrumentation including digital vacuum gauges, moisture-in-oil and moisture-in-vacuum meters, total gas content monitors, water removal rate and totalizing systems, multi-channel chart recorders, data acquisition equipment, dielectric breakdown voltage meters, acidity testers and more!
  • Cascade cold traps for trapping and measurement of water removed from the transformer. 

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