Refrigeration Compressor Fluid Purification System

Do you use an ester-based or other polar molecular fluid? These fluids are extremely hygroscopic and must be handled carefully to prevent water absorption from surrounding air. Baron COP systems make water removal and recontamination prevention simple. Baron BA-COP Series purifiers are complete systems for the removal of water, particulate, gases and other light volatiles from oils used in refrigeration compressors for freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners and heat pumps. Pretreating refrigeration oil with a Baron system prior to compressor filling increases oil and compressor life, improves equipment performance and reduces downtime.


We have single-, dual- and triple-stage systems to suppress dissolved water levels to below 10 PPM. We can handle mineral-based or synthetic fluids with ease. Pretreating refrigeration oil prior to compressor filling with a Baron system helps increase oil and compressor life, improves equipment performance and reduces downtime. Standard features include:

  • Particulate removal to 0.5 microns using standard pleated paper elements in ASME designed filter housings
  • Free, emulsified and dissolved air removed to less than 0.25% by vacuum degasification
  • Suppression of total water content to less than 10 PPM by vacuum dehydration
  • Low watt-density heater to raise oil to its optimum processing temperature
  • Drip containment pan
  • High-quality vacuum pumping system
  • Vacuum chamber system for spreading of the oil into a thin film and exposure to vacuum. The Baron chamber is specially designed with a dual-dispersion system consisting of inert elements followed by a dispersing tray. The unit is equipped with automatic level control and backup safety switches to stop the system in the event of incorrect operating levels. A transparent front cover allows visual observation of the process.
  • Single-, dual- or triple-vacuum storage tanks to store processed fluid until use. Storage under vacuum prevents recontamination from the surroundings
  • Single- or multiple-discharge pumps to feed oil from vacuum storage to dispensing/charging boards
  • Optional pressure booster pump to discharge higher viscosity fluids or for increased pressure availability at dispensing/charging boards
  • Processed oil sampling valve
  • Operating and maintenance manual

Electrical System

The Model BA-COP series systems come equipped with a Nema 12 central control box with the following features:

  • System start/stop and control switches or touch screen operator interfaces are available in monochrome or color and in various sizes
  • Digital vacuum gauge
  • Motor starters with instantaneous-trip short circuit and thermal overload protection
  • All functions automated through use of programmable logic controller
  • Graphic flow diagram with pilot lights to indicate functions

Various purification rates, storage tank arrangements and other options are available.

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