Model BA-HV-Cable Oil Series

Baron's cable oil processor systems are designed to process and deliver purified cable oil at 75-600 GPH. We use the BA Process, developed by Baron USA over 38 years ago, to upgrade new and used oil through particulate filtration and/or vacuum dehydration. System removes impurities, moisture acidity and increases dielectric strength of cable fluids. 

Purification of Cable Oil

The unit is designed for simple and convenient operation through a touch screen-type operator interface terminal (OIT). A single button on the OIT starts and stops the system. Built in safety devices monitor system operation and automatically stop the unit if operating conditions become abnormal. This allows operation with a minimum of operator involvement.

The systems are available in the following flow rates:
75, 150, 300, 600, 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2400, 3000, 3600 and 6000 GPH.

A wide variety of options and configurations are available. Floor models are available as are portable systems mounted on castors, wheels, tarp-sided trailers, swing-doortrailers,hard-sidedhitch/tagtrailersandsemi-trailers. 

Standard Features

  • Heavy-duty, positive-displacement, low NPSH, direct- driven, rotary tri-screw oil pumps.

  • ASME design filter housings that accept industry standard 6” x 18” filter cartridges. The filter housing is equipped with an automatic air release valve, drain valve and differential pressure gauge and switch. The initial filter elements are pre-installed.

    Dual oil lubricated vacuum pumps.

  • Two stage vacuum chamber system. The upper chamber is the primary degasification chamber used for spreading of the oil into a thin film and exposure to vacuum. The Baron chamber is specially designed with a dual-dispersion system consisting of inert elements followed by a dispersing tray.

  • The lower chamber provides a vacuum storage area to keep purified oil under vacuum storage until it is used. The unit is equipped with automatic level control and backup safety switches to stop the system in the event of incorrect operating levels. Large viewing windows allow visual observation of the process.

  • Low watt-density oil heating system.

The system is constructed using welded fittings, installed by certified welders, wherever possible. This minimizes oil leakage potential. This is especially important on portable equipment. Central control panel with graphic flow diagram, operator interface terminal, programmable logic controller, vacuum gauge and other indicators.
Operating and maintenance manual is included.  


Typical performance in a single pass through the BA-HV vacuum oil purifier is as follows:

Water removal: from 100 PPM down to less than 10 PPM or from 50 PPM down to less than 2 PPM at oil temperatures from 25 - 50oC (75 - 120 oF) as measured by ASTM Method D-1533.

Gas removal: from fully saturated with air (10 - 12% by volume) down to less than 0.01% by volume as measured by ASTM Method D-2945.

Particulate matter removal: 99% of particles over 3 microns and 90% of particles over 1 microns to insure dielectric breakdown value in excess of 50 kV as measured by ASTM Method D-877 and 40 kV by ASTM Method D-1816 (VDE Cup 2 mm gap). 

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