Fluid Processing Systems: What do they do? 

Fluids require conditioning in order to remove particulate, moisture and dissolved gases in industrial fluids. A basic vacuum oil purifier will remove all three of these and return the oil to within specification. 

What flow rate do I need? 

Several factors to consider. 

Size and oil capacity of the transformers that you intend to service with the unit.

75-600 GPH units are suitable for small transformers and oil filled devices including pad mounts used in wind farms.

600-1500 GPH units are great for medium/medium large transformers.

1500-3600 are excellent for large transformers that have at least a 2" connection to pull oil out of. 

Sometimes the location of the transformers will dictate that a smaller trailer or straight-truck mounted system be selected to get into locations that too little maneuvering space for a semi-trailer system. 

Selection will be influenced by whether the transformer will be processed while online energized or offline energized. Online processing is done with lower flow rates over a longer period of time. Our AUTOS series systems are specifically designed for online service and come in 75, 150, 300 and 600 GPH sizes. 

Stationary systems for production or repair facilities have their flow rates determined by the anticipated demand of the facility. 

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