Baron BA-FC Series

Baron's filtration systems are compact, light and portable for the removal of particle and moisture contamination from a variety of oils and other fluids. Typical applications include transformer oil, hydraulic oil, turbine, phosphate esters, heat transfer oils, vacuum pump oils, compressor seal oils, cutting oils and gear oils. Maintaining oil quality with a Baron filtration system helps increase oil life, improves equipment performance, reduces downtime and reduces oil disposal and replacement costs. 

BA-FC Models


The Model BA-FC is a two or four-wheel roll-around unit suitable for removing particle contamination from oil while it is still in its reservoir. The only interfaces required to run the unit are electrical power and oil hoses to and from the oil reservoir(s).

The unit is designed for simple and convenient operation through an overload protected starter switch located on the rear of the system.

  • ‘F’ option systems use industry standard 6” x 18” elements available in a variety of types and micron ratings.
  • ‘C’ option systems use Cuna Zeta Plus (or equal) media.
  • The different types include particulate, water absorbing and fullers earth so that the same unit can be used to remove particulate, small amounts of free water or to reduce total acid number and correct color change due to oxidation.
  • The filter element is oversized for the oil flow rate to allow long periods of use between changes.  

Electrical Requirements: 240-Volt/3 phase/60 Hz

Approximate Dimension: 67" high x 36" wide x 60" long

Approximate Weight: 1,000 lb. (dry)

Standard Components

  • Heavy-duty, 50 gpm positive-displacement, oil pump with integral relief valve and mechanical shaft seal.

  • Single, quick opening filter housing. Housing is ASME code designed for safety and to minimize leaks. A wide variety of micron rated media is available to suit the particular application. The filter housing is equipped with an automatic air release and drain valve.

  • Pressure Gauges on the clean and dirty side of the filter housing to show when the filter element requires changing.

  • Inlet suction strainer to protect the oil pump from the ingress of large particles.

  • Flow adjusting bypass valve to adjust system flow rate. Throttling the valve allows adjustment of the flow rate from 0 gpm to 50 gpm.

  • Dual inlet and outlet crossover valving to allow swapping of the inlet & outlet without disconnecting/reconnecting hoses.

  • Thermal overload protected starter switch.

  • Kamlock couplers (2” NPS) with dust caps.

  • Twenty foot power cord.

  • Four-wheel cart with castors for ease of mobility.

  • Operating and maintenance manual on CDRom. 

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