Why Baron?

For 40 years, Baron USA has been the most trusted name in fluid & oil processing systems and transformer dry out systems. A preferred provider and Tennessee-based firm, Baron built it's reputation by consistently providing solutions that not only reduce processing time, but also improve the quality of our customer's end product. Designed and built for the global market, our systems incorporate modern solid-state electronics and proven vacuum technology. Our expertise has positioned us as a leading manufacturer for the purification and reclamation of transformer, turbine, hydraulic, lubricating, synthetic and many other fluids, including compressor oils and silicone-based fluids.



A preprogrammed logic controller and a touch screen operator interface terminal are provided to allow operation of the system as simple as pressing one single key.

The new generation of Low Vacuum Oil Purifiers developed by Baron USA combines the best features of the existing vacuum dehydration systems with new features available through new technology, such as PLC one-touch automated controls.


Our reputation for building systems that have been in service since we began designing them is a testament to Baron’s unwavering dedication to delivering quality. 

Baron has an ISO 9001:2008 registered quality system and is an ASME registered pressure vessel and piping system manufacturer. Baron’s reputation is that the equipment "just works”. It is built ruggedly for high duty cycle, continuous use in factory and field conditions. It is designed to be simple to use; reliable; and with minimum maintenance requirements.

Baron equipment is designed for a minimum 25 year field life and many Baron systems are still in operation that were manufactured early in Baron’s 40 year history. In fact, Baron provides upgrade and refurbishment services for customers who choose to extend the field life of the equipment rather than replace. We have added years of usefulness to systems that have already been in the field for 2530 years. 

Easy Maintenance

Baron systems are designed with the operator in mind. They require only minimal monitoring when in operation and the maintenance for all Baron purifiers is simple.

Baron Trailers

Our trailers are widely known and loved. Available to house your purifier to make it fully portable for ease of access, we have a variety of options to choose from.

The Confidence Factor, our users have shared with us that the reason they depend on Baron equipment is the confidence factor. The quality and craftsmanship of the equipment’s appearance makes a good first impression when it rolls into a substation. Baron’s reputation for reliable, repeatable performance provides a sense of confidence during critical tasks. 

Data Logging

Chart recording of operating parameters: temperatures, vacuum levels and gallons processed with option to export aggragated data for import into database software.


We can arrange a product specialist to work with you to provide the best solution to your fluid handling, purification and storage challenges.

Energy Savings

Equipment running on clean oils and lubricants works more efficiently and uses less energy – permitting optimum performance and minimal downtime.

Baron’s state of the art vacuum oil purifiers, oil conditioning and reclamation equipment saves money and conserves oil. Our product line insures efficient performance of your equipment and reduces ecological disposal challenges. 


Baron USA, LLC. is a Tennessee-based firm founded by Les Baranowski in 1975. We have manufactured equipment throughout the world and are known as a Preferred Provider. 

Baron has demonstrated its expertise in purification and reclamation of transformer, turbine, and many synthetic fluids including compressor oils and silicon based fluids. Baron has manufactured equipment for major utilities throughout the world and most major electrical power and distribution OEM’s. We are the leading provider of field service trailers for utilities, substation installers and related service companies. 

What can we do for you?

Baron USA specializes in providing customized support, training, products and solutions to meet your specific needs. To learn how Baron USA can help you, call 93I.528.8476 or email us

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